Computer Workspace Tips

5 Ergonomic Computer Workspace Tips

If you spend most of your working day in front of a computer, then creating an ergonomic workspace is essential if you want to ensure that you complete your tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Also, with an ergonomic friendly computer workspace area, you are far less likely to suffer from RSI. So, the following are 5 ergonomic workspace tips for your computer workspace area:


Try to always make sure that your line of sight to the computer monitor is at 45 degrees. Do not station your computer monitor so that you are always looking up as if you were in the first row of a cinema!

Hard drive

Place your hard drive either under your desk or under your computer monitor. Where possible, try not to place your monitor on your table separate from your monitor as this will likely result in you having a cluttered desk-top. It will also keep the noise level of the computer running buffered because it's not right next to you.


If you need to make reference to paper or need paper to write comments on, then make sure you have a ready source of paper close to your computer keyboard. Also, if you are touch-typing handwritten notes, make sure that you have a document reviewer that you can put next to you monitor so that it makes it easier to read than if you put the notes flat on the desk-top and try to read them from there.


Keep in mind that if you sit in a chair for hours on end then this could very well have a large impact on any back problems that you may have. Make sure you position the chair correctly to your height so that you can work at your work station safe in the knowledge that your chair’s positioning is not going to harm your health. I suggest you take a 5 minute break at least once every hour.


It is always nice to see plants at a person's workspace as it shows they have an interest beyond working all day! Although you may not automatically associate having plants near your workspace equates to an ergonomic working environment, in fact the peace they provide you with usually work wonders!

Use these workspace tips while working on your homebased business site.