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The Traffic, Signups, and Sales System is a thick, meaty, step-by-step guide with every detail you need to set it up on your own. You get graphics, illustrated diagrams, clear explanations, and plenty of examples. There is no guesswork, and you don't need to understand programming or be technical to make it work. The system has 4 modules:

Module 1: The Internet Marketer’s Compass

This module introduces you to the Internet Marketer's Compass. Learn how to use this one-of-a-kind organizing, power-focus tool to get the absolute best out of your efforts and reach your goals in a fraction of the time it would take without it. It took nearly 8 months to develop it, because it had to make logical sense, be useful, be usable in less than 10 minutes, show a complete snapshot of your business at a single glance, AND be able to come with you everywhere you go.

Module 2: Setup the Traffic Generator

This module shows you step by step with images and screenshots exactly how to setup your automatic traffic generator. The generator requires no clicking, surfing, or other manual activity once it's setup, and it literally costs nothing to setup and use. This is truly an amazing secret formula to deliver up to 15,000 hits each to as many sites as you want!

Module 3: Squeeze Hits into Opt-in List Signups

Any web traffic is only as good as what you do with it. This module takes you step by step through designing "squeeze pages" for maximum results using cutting edge techniques the master list builders use. You'll learn how to get prospects practically begging to sign up for your list once you know these secrets!

Module 4: Convert Subscribers into Your Monthly Income Stream

You've heard "The money's in the list!" 1,000 times I'm sure. This module gives you a specific plan for how to build trust and your relationship with your subscribers, how to know what products and services to offer them, and how to generate a predictable, consistent income that continually increases every month. These secrets make or break tons of Internet marketers, and knowing exactly how to do this can multiply your online income by 1,000 times!

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Let's recap how you benefit:

Setup a real system to get 15,000+ website hits every month, new list signups every hour (or minute!), and new sales every day, all for no cost!

Test your ideas and tweak your marketing so you know your campaigns will pay off before investing 1 cent on more advertsing or promotion

Learn results-boosting insider secrets and tactics in just days that normally take marketers a year or more to figure out (and some never learn them at all)!

Save $1,000s and countless hours that would be wasted on trial and error.

Never worry again about spending money to launch a campaign, white-knuckled and pleading to at least make your money back.

Break the dangerous cycle of buying product after product hoping each is "the one" to make your Internet marketing profitable, while you dig a deeper financial hole.

Overcome the #1 obstacle for most marketers, paralysis-by-analysis, with the simple step-by-step walkthrough to get you started.

Leap the marketing learning curve and get traffic, signups, and sales faster than you thought possible.

Position yourself as an expert and gain online credibility with professional tools and top notch marketing.