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What Are The Characteristics Of a Small Business Entrepreneur?

Characteristics of a successful small business entrepreneur includes spontaneous creativity, educated, competitive, willing to take calculated risks, proactive, self-confident, willing to work long hours and is in good health almost all the time.

Innovative creativity:

S/he can see solutions in the business, where other people only see problems. S/he has a special knack for spotting trends,seeing opportunities in them and can conceive products and services that don’t exist yet.

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Generally open to learning from a variety of sources for self-improvement to better her/his chances of success.


Most entrepreneurs see business as a game of winning or losing. Money is not the main goal, but it is a means of measuring their success.

Willing to take calculated risks:

This does not mean gambling, but it does mean s/he is willing to take moderate risks where they have done their research and have enough information to have some control over the outcome.


Belief in self and her/his ability to achieve whatever goals have been set. Optimism and enthusiasm are the key words and this helps her/him to motivate others.

Willing to work long hours:

There is no time clock when it comes to work and many long, uncounted hours are the standard.


These entrepreneurs tell themselves they don’t have time to be sick and will work through the little nuisance of headaches and colds.

Here is a list of characteristics often found in successfulentrepreneurs. How many apply to you?

Which traits describe you most of the time. Are You:

 Ambitious  Energetic  Honest  Open-minded

 Persistent  Self-motivated  Assertive  Flexible

 Independent  Optimistic Persuasive  Visionary

 Creative  Goal-oriented  Innovative  Organized

 Resourceful  Decisive  Hard-working  Intelligent

 Patient  Responsible  Diligent  Healthy

 Objective  Perceptive  Self-confident

Entrepreneurs are generally highly independent, which usually causes problems when their business does succeed and grows into a large business.

While the business is small the entrepreneur is able to personally manage most aspects of the business, but it just isn’t possible once the business has grown beyond a certain size.

Most conflicts come up when the entrepreneur doesn’t realize that running a large profitable company is very different than running a small growing business.

For an example of this let's look at Apple Computer. One of the founders, Steve Wozniak, left to pursue other interests,but the remaining partner, Steve Jobs, was fired and replaced. He did eventually return as CEO in 1997.

But so many times a would-be-entrepreneur gets so excited about her/his idea of a small business that they forget to find out if the idea is viable.

Sometimes the idea works anyway, in spite of a lack of market research. Unfortunately, many other times, the idea crashes and burns, halting the small business in its tracks.

80% of all new small business enterprises fail within the first two years.


Most new enterprises have not been properly researched and the necessary steps haven’t been taken, or the owner lacks business management experience and is afraid or unwilling to ask for help.

How do you decide if you have the needed business skills to operate your own small business?

You can assess your business skills by evaluating past jobs, previous positions you’ve held in organizations, and your personal traits.

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