Is There No End To These Questions About A Small Business?

Research helps with a wide variety of small business decisions such as:

· A good location
· Sales projections
· Your product line
· Your pricing strategy
· Where you advertise
· Offering credit
· How many dollars you'll require
· How much floor space you need (if a store-front biz)
· How much inventory you order
· How much equipment and supplies you require
· How many employees you hire

This kind of information is required to make good, sound decisions and to prepare a credible business plan and a cash flow forecast.

How Do You Find This Information ?

Here’s a list of some sources

These sources of information have very little or no cost.

· Advertising agencies
· Bookstores
· Business friends and associates
· Business section of library
· Business schools
· Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade
· City or Municipal Hall
· Competitors
· Downtown business associations
· Local Government Agent's office
· Neighbouring businesses
· Newspapers, radio and T.V.
· Post Office
· Phone book, Yellow Pages
· Sales representatives
· Similar businesses in another city
· Statistics Canada/US, etc.
· Trade associations
· Trade publications
· Trade suppliers
· University or community colleges
· Various directories

If You Follow These Steps....

you should be able to arrive at a pretty good idea of what you can or can't do according to your experience, personality traits and interests.

GOOD LUCK is where opportunity meets preparation.

So here's ... GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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