How Can I Assess My Small Business Skills?

Make a list of your small business experiences, hobbies, interests, and acquired skills. Remember that you are actually preparing your "experience and skills resume" for YOUR OWN business. Don’t exaggerate or deceive yourself about what to put on this list. Be honest and objective. After completing your list, it should be fairly evident what you can bring to your new business and where your interests lie.

I’m interested in starting my own small business

but I don’t have a specific idea. What can I do?

Do some research of current trends in newspapers and magazines for some business ideas. The easiest thing for you to do is to start a business in an industry/sector in which you already have experience.

You already have industry contacts and understand how your business will work, which will save you time and money.

What are the kinds of business in which you have interest or experience? Make a list and eliminate the ones that are obviously not for you.

Take out those that require talents and skills you didn’t list when you prepared your "experience and skills resume."

You may have an original idea for a business that no one has considered or for a product that doesn't exist yet.

Don't limit yourself to thinking only about this new business or new product idea.

What are some possible ideas?

You might consider to:

· Change what’s already out there.

· Repackage, Refocus and/or Redirect.

· Find an existing market for a product or service

· Ask friends &relatives about a product or

service where the needs are not being met.

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