What's Your Experience With Small Business??

Do you have any experience working for or managing a small business? Go through the following questions and see how you stack up for experience in these areas.

1. How’s my organization and planning?: setting and reaching goals, managing time, and keeping work schedules.

2. How am I at handling money?: determining budgets, securing loans, raising funds, keeping financial records, and completing income tax forms.

3. Can I sell ideas and products?: determining sales quotas and projections; direct selling to customers or clientele; handling criticism and rejection.

4. Management: any experience in managing?

5. How do I Work with people? Have I mediated people with opposing views or handled complaints for an organization and do I get along well with most people?

6. How’s my ability to take risks? Do I take moderate, calculated risks?

7. Am I willing to lead and to work alone: Am I self- disciplined? Do I handle difficult situations? Do I work calmly and efficiently in an emergency or crisis?

8. Personality traits: Do I take the initiative in situations? Do I accomplish more than my share of the work? Am I willing to work hard even if the financial rewards are slow in coming? Do I establish high standards of performance?

9. Knowledge of products and/or skills in the service offered or in producing my product: Am I willing to study,research and plan to improve my business?

Do I need all these skills? Not all of these skills are necessary for every business. Very few people who start a small business are experts at everything. You have to be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses before deciding if you can take the time to learn what you need to know or whether you can afford to hire staff.

Expertise is more important in some small business than in others. You, and only you, are the one who has to assess whether you have the right expertise to succeed in your own small business enterprise.

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