"Any large, successful business was once a small business that did the right things at the right time...

"You have all the power you allow yourself to have..."

-Rod jellison, The Be The Boss Seminar Package

Bee The Boss Seminar Package

              Here's a quick look at what this mind blowing program
is about to do for you because...

You can now be the confident, knowledgeable speaker that you’ve always wanted to be.  No more shakey knees and tongue-tied moments.

Follow the outline of the seminar program and you are classed as an expert and confident speaker in no time at all because following the course outline is a snap,even if you’ve never done any public speaking before.

Just imagine the thrill of being your own boss and looked upon as the expert in your field. You control the number of people at your seminars so you control your income as well!

What a nice position to be in.  You determine how much income you want to make each week or each month or every second month.  Whatever you decide.  You are the Boss!                      The regular pricing for a seminar of this quality is $397.00.  You set your own price because you are the go-to expert. 

The thrill of earning $3,970.00 or more in a single day is exciting and you can do that with only 10 people at your seminar.

Because this information is the result of more than 30 years of self-employment, shared in this same seminar form, in classrooms and in one-on-one sessions...                                                  it is time-tested and proven!

And Much, Much More!

Now Is The Time... No more excuses!  Because now you can grab this opportunity by the throat and start realizing your dream of having your own business and earning the kind of dollars you know you’re worth!    Even on a part-time basis of holding one seminar a month on a weekend you could add more than $4,000.00 to your monthly income.  Would that be enough for you?

 "But I’m not going to stop with just the
“Be The Boss Seminar” package.

                               You're also going to get…

          6 Bonus packages                      that will open your eyes to all kinds of possibilities.

 Read them – devour them – and put them into practice and there’s no telling how far you can go with your new knowledge.

"The bottom line..."

          You might be wondering just what the bottom line is here.

             I understand that because I think that way too.                                  But I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised. 

      I’m sure you’ll agree with me that "You Get What You Pay For!"

Let me ask you, how much is it worth to you to be able to write your own paychecks every month?  How much is your financial freedom and living the life you've always dreamed of, worth to you and summed up in dollars?

I don’t know of any other product on the market that prepares you to become an expert speaker and gives you a step-by-step outline of everything to say and do so you become the go-to-guy.

Some other courses are stuffed with fluff and only give you part of the story, plus they don’t have the ring of actually having had the experience to know what they are talking about.

I have included everything you'll ever need to finally start growing your own seminar business and make an incredible living.

And don't think for one second that I'm just here blowing my own horn, just take a look at what my real life clients have been saying about the value they have received from either one-on-one experience, classroom or seminar attendance.

Frank S. says:  Thanks Rod for making the complicated seem so simple.  I have been a safety consultant for the last 20 years and I knew I was missing out on tax savings and how I kept my business records.  Your seminar has certainly been a big help and worth every penny.

Art C. G. says:  Can’t say how much I appreciate your help Rod and the savings I’ve enjoyed since attending your “Be The Boss” seminar.  Wow- I’ve been missing out on so much simply because I didn’t have the right information.  My savings in the last 2 years alone is in excess of $10,000.  Again many thanks.


Ok Rod... how much?

A money-making, head-spinning package Like This... one that consists of cutting-edge information and tools so you can become the “Expert” and the “Go-To-Guy” for information and help…

         And the 6 bonus packages, along with the foolproof,
"this-is-exactly-how-you-build-a-business" manuscript
can all easily be sold for at least$397.

In fact, I have had a lot of smart business people and marketers
invest this kind of money (and more) with what you get in this package.
Why did they pay that amount?

Because, they were all aware of the gigantic return-on-investment.

           But I'm not going to charge you that.  I know I could get it.        A program that can make you thousands or more in ongoing income...                             sure, it's worth a small fortune...

When I started this offer, it was and is my intention of helping you where no one else has really been able to help.  I chose this path to help you become a profitable seminar speaker, not to force you to take out a small loan just to get started in a business that has  excellent opportunity.

This Seminar package is the same information I use to give my seminars that I normally charge $397 to attend.

Yeah it's worth a small fortune... but I want you to have this golden opportunity to really start making some money, instead of being ripped off with “pie-in-the-sky” promises and paying a lot of money for something that just sits on the shelf.

    So I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that I've decided             (for a limited time only) to give you full access to all of this:

The “Be The Boss” seminar package

plus the 6 fantastic bonuses 

Plus the tutorial built into the package

All for less than $397… less than $297… less than $197!

Are you ready? 

Your entire investment for this money-making power packed package is                  only $147 - but only if you act right now...

       "No, hold on... I think I'll do even better than that..."

I really want you to grab this program and run with it. I want you to make obscene amounts of cash from your seminars.  I’m going to offer you a mind-blowing price discounted even further.


                You must take action NOW!                   Commit to your success and do it right now!

                Here’s how you can get another $50 off.

                Even at $147 this is an absolute steal, so ...                                I'm not going to offer this $50 off for very darn long.    

I want you to start building your very own seminar and consulting business and profiting like you never thought possible starting right now. 

 I want you to be so amazed by what this program will do for you that you and I will establish a mutually rewarding long-term business relationship.

          This becomes a real "win-win" situation for us both. 

I really do care about your success because if you win, I win.  I know that once you've had the success you're certain of having, you'll gladly write a testimonial for me about your success and that of course helps me too. 

   So, here's how we get our first win-win, and how you can get this            powerful package in your hands right now... with an extra $50 off.

    ONLY the First 500 People to take                                                  action this instant are eligible
BECAUSE I won't be able to personally answer questions and help more than 500 people at a time.

 I'm not saying I'll never offer it again but it will be some time down the road if and when I do.

   So if you're one of the next 500 smart business people to grab your copy of my “Be The Boss” Seminar package,                              then you'll instantly SAVE $50 

You'll get everything mentioned above for your one-time investment of just $97 instead of the standard $397.00




 I'm so confident that you'll love this package and the great dollars you can earn, I'm going to remove every last bit of risk with
an "Iron-Clad 100%..." Guarantee!

 Guarantee Certificate

                        Here's how this solid guarantee works...

 If you want a refund (for ANY reason)... You WILL get your money-back, no questions asked.  Just send me a quick email within 60 days of your purchase date and I will issue a prompt and courteous refund for the full amount invested. 

No hard feelings, no funny business and no beating around the bush.


I want You to keep all the bonuses as my gift because you took such quick action on this offer.

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P.S. By the way, the "Be The Boss" seminar package is a tax-deductible purchase on Schedule A of your tax return in the U.S
and in Canada be sure to claim on your form T2124

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