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Here's how to Optimize your pc for speed & efficiency.

"Registry Cleaners Reviewed and exposed!!"

Tired of "crashes" and poor performance?
You need a registry cleaner!!

I have reviewed 10 registry cleaners and expose the top 3 here for you.

Why should I use a Registry Cleaner?

The Windows Registry plays a very important part of your computer system, but it is also very complex. Over time, programs and files can clutter and damage the registry, causing your computer to have errors or lose performance. Only those well experienced with the registry have the skills necessary to manually clean it, but even then, it takes them a ton of time.

A good registry cleaner will automatically scan and fix almost any problems that result from an error or corruption in the registry. This could include all or some of the following:

. Speed Lost Over Time . Computer Freezing
. System Crashes . Windows Errors
. The dreaded Blue Screen . Slow Internet Speeds
. DLL/Shell Errors . Hardware Malfunctions
. System 32 Errors . Explorer Errors
. Slow Performance . Runtime Errors

So which Registry Cleaner is the best?

Our tests show that RegistryFox is by far the best Registry Cleaner out there right now.

Very easy to use, fixed all the errors on our test computers, and speed was greatly increased.



Scan and clean up your registry to improve your system's performance. Scan your PC for registry problems and then instantly clean your system with a few clicks of the mouse. Scan your system for invalid files and system references that cause instability, PC errors, crashes, and general system slowdowns.

Our examination says these are the top three and I'll tell you why with each one.

5 Stars:

Our #1 Pick

. RegistryFox is competitively priced and offers great value for the money invested.

. RegistryFox provides you with a complete list of errors found.

. RegistryFox is very user friendly (for all levels of computer user) and provides some great diagnostics.

. The RegistryFox program had a great user interface that made it easy to run every step of the process.

. RegistryFox had no problems or concerns during the course that it was installed and used.

. Gave me the best results time after time.


4 Stars:

Our #2 Pick

. Error Smart gets to the root of things and repairs errors it uncovers in the registry.

. The file size is 16.24 Mb which is 3 times more than the other 2 cleaners mentioned here.

. ErrorSmart uses advanced technology to ensure that your registry is repaired properly and that valid and necessary entries are left alone.

. Error Smart detection rate is not bad, but lack of features and uniqueness makes it our 2nd recommended product

. Compared to RegistryFox(our #1 pick) it just doesn't have the same search capablilites so I still recommend RegistryFox as the best pick.

. It is a good program however and you can try a 30 day free trial.


3 Stars:

Our #3 Pick

. Registry Smart intelligently scans and cleans your PC, without harming your computer but just doesn't quite measure up to the other two.

. Registry Smart is a good choice in 1-Click PC error diagnostics and repair but again it doesn't quite seem to have the capability of my other 2 choices.

. Ease of use is simple with all 3 programs but you also want to be totally cleared of any computer problems and the full diagnostics of RegistryFox is way beyond both Error Smart and Registry Smart.

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