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Own business. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Ever since I had known my father-in-law, he was an expert on cars. It didn't matter what kind of car it was, he knew all about its mechanics. He could open up an engine and tell you things most people won’t even have heard of. But, in all his life, he never used this talent of his to earn money. He was a Physics teacher at a local college, and that’s all he did for a living.

On weekends, he would quench his desire for cars and could only be found in his garage, working away. Wild horses couldn’t drag him away and we often witnessed our mother-in-law quarrelling with him because he wouldn’t accompany her anywhere.

When he retired last year, I gave him an idea. I told him to start his own business online. He needn’t go anywhere and the investment was not much to begin with. It was high time he cashed on his talent and expertise. The natural choice of business was of course, mechanical car consultancy.

The idea appealed to him and he mulled over it for a few days. Then, he decided to go for it.

He now generates a healthy income from this business of his. Plus, the line of work fascinates him and is his life long passion so; it’s more like spending time on an enjoyable hobby rather than a business.

Being a professor all his life has taught him discipline and logical thinking. These habits are now proving to be quite beneficial for him. His routine hasn’t changed and he still starts functioning at 8 in the morning like in college days, from then on, it’s go, go, go all the way!!!

I think this option of starting his own business online has helped him to stay young and fit. Otherwise, ordinarily when a man retires, he lets go if his routine, becomes lazy and spends his day only flipping through newspapers or TV channels.

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