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Microsoft FrontPage

The Internet has been the revolution of the Twentieth Century. However, unless you knew how to process complicated code, previously the opportunities to make any money out of the Internet as a business were limited. The introduction of Microsoft’s FrontPage changed all of that.

This is such a simple Internet web page design tool kit that is the preferred software among most website creators today. The software package is user friendly so that it allows you to:

-create web pages offline using the software package until such time as you are happy with the product. FrontPage allows you, the designer, to preview how tyour website is going to look before you upload it to a domain server.

-easily upload pre-designed websites to the website domain server with minimal complications.

-create a multiple web page website so that your website can function as it was intended to. Hyper linking between words and pages is very easily achieved with FrontPage.

-integrate complicated website artwork and graphics with minimal fuss. Indeed, it is very easy to upload pictures and photographs to a FrontPage website design so that your website can benefit from having both great content and visuals.

-add audio and video. With the FrontPage software package you can add audio and video streaming to your website with minimal complications. This function is especially useful if you would like to display the product you are selling to potential customers – after all, what’s the point in trying to sell something if the buyer can only read a description of what it is that you are trying to sell!

-create safe-pay options. If your website is going to be a business, rather than a hobby, or a hobby and business, then you will likely need some form of safe-pay on the website. With FrontPage this function is very easily achieved.

However, probably the greatest benefit with Microsoft FrontPage software is the fact that you as the designer/owner are given a far greater degree of control over how your website will look and operate than you will get with any other website design software package currently on the market.


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