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Killer conversion tactics

KillerTactics is for anybody with an online business.

If I showed you how a simple trick that you can do in just a couple of minutes...BUTit could add 10 to 12 or more sales a week to your business would you want to find out more about it?

Or you could replace two words with one that will dramatically increase your sales figures (info is on page 14)

KillerTactics actually contains many simple tips, tactics and proven strategies that can easily explode your sales. You will also find out all to common mistakes that are likely to be killing your orders deader than a doornail.

Just apply your learned knowledge from this report to every site and every sales page you have (both now and in the future). You're going to feel wonderful when you know that each time you promote a new product you already KNOW how to pull in more orders.

15 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Your Sales
using KillerTactics!






Just read below.

Here are just some of the areas covered:

check this Do sales page header graphics really improve sales? (plus the three vital things you must consider before using them).

check this Are you using PayPal to take orders? If so read chapter three to make sure you aren't missing out on valuable sales.

check this How color plays an important part in increasing sales. (Find out which are known to improve conversions and when a splash of orange can sometimes help)

check this The real reason why 'ugly' sites sell. (some of the worse looking sites online are flooded with orders every single day and it's usually for one reason alone - find out what on page 11.)

check this The two words you should blitz from your sales pages right away. (You should replace them with another and your sales will thrive.)

check this Why you shouldn't always assume your sales copy isn't working. (and importantly, the three areas you should take a look at before rewriting a word of it.)

check this The two words that many marketers are afraid of using but can effectively 'push' your customers over the edge and get them to order. (your sales page is only running at half it's effectiveness if you miss this out.)

check this The *real* power of a guarantee and why you should have one. (the reason is probably not what you've been led to believe.)

check this What you get is 32 solid pages of information that can literally transform your business overnight.

check this Just reading this book isn't going to make you more money either - you need to read it and implement the strategies - so if you aren't prepared to take the advice and use it then keep your money you'll need it.

check this Will it work for you?

check this They're battle tested, proven tactics that work and combined they really will make a difference to your bottom line. And I'm confident that you'll really benefit this book.

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