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Take Me To Your Leader and
I'll Be Your Expert

It's Better To Be The Leader....

It’s better to be the leader in a small niche
than a nobody in a general one.

If I had held myself out as just a general tax preparation business when I first started, it would have pitted me against all the other general tax preparation businesses in my town, and in particular all the Chartered Accountants and Certified General Accountants who were already better known than me.

By choosing a niche in self-employed businesses (entrepreneurs) and multi-level marketing businesses, I became the specialist in that area.

If you attempt to be too generalized or too wide in your approach you will disappear among the herd.

Why would there be any greater value of buying/dealing with you than in buying/dealing with anyone else?

One of the biggest mistakes made by most new businesses is they try to be “all things to all people.”

This happens time and time again, because they are misled by the notion of offering more or by serving more people, they will generate more sales.

It’s an understandable way of thinking because the survival of any new business depends on the number of sales it makes.

Actually being a generalist - says you are indifferent.

Indifference to your customers or prospects specific needs, goals and problems won’t attract them to you and they will definitely look elsewhere!

If you hold yourself out as a generalist, you will have to advertise very heavily to be in front of as many eyes as you can. The idea of course is that you will attract enough prospects to reach the number of sales you require.

I hope you've got lots of time and a huge advertising budget.

Most new small businesses wouldn’t be able to do this - simply because of the money or time required.

It is true, the greater your reach is, the greater the potential quantity of responses will be.

Quality responses are far more important than quantity.

If your business or website generates a large quantity of uninterested visitors who are never going to buy from you - you just wasted your time and money.

If your advertising targets everyone, then your marketing message (including your website) will have a very general meaning and general image to appeal to everyone.

This approach will lose a large number of visitors right away!

They may be part of your target market, but visitors that leave your website or don’t come in to your store or call you probably lost their interest right away.

Is that the results you want?

Did they go to someplace that provided greater perceived value?

Here we go again: the broader you are in your appeal the less relevant you will be to any and all individuals visiting your website or business.

If you have a website - store or business that sells everything then chances are your prospective buyer won’t perceive any greater value buying from you than from anyone else!

When you put yourself in this position, the only thing for the prospective customer or client to do is compare your price to others.

If there is nothing else to compare to...

then the cheapest alternative wins.


Price is the only thing that can be compared between one general store or another.

So price is what's used in comparing your value to others.

Your sales will increase dramatically if your business - your store - or your website is centered on a specific theme.

Choose a product - industry - people or service.

That takes us right back to niche marketing!

The more focused or specialized you are, the less you will need to produce a sufficient quantity of prospective buyers to produce similar results.

A good niche is one that has three major qualities:

· It exists already
· It’s easily identified
· And it can be easily and readily targeted.

The most common question from aspiring entrepreneurs is,

“What product should I sell?” (Or “what sells well?”)

In reality you can actually sell anything and everything.

Pet rocks or travel packages to Topeka, Kansas.

Everything is being or can be sold, in some form or another.

Watch for your next installment…. “the problem isn’t what!”