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........Scientific Advertising?

The late advertising notable, David Ogilvy says “Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until they have read Scientific Advertising seven times.”

"The time has come when advertising in some hands has reached the status of a science."

quote from: Scientific Advertising by — Claude C. Hopkins

Claude C. Hopkins says you should tell a story and educate your prospect about how things are done in your industry.
It would probably be the same thing any one of your competitors could tell, But if you tell it first you have a tremendous advantage.

He says that a majority of advertising done during his time was based on the plea “Buy my brand”, “Come to my store”, “Give me your money instead of giving it to others”.

But consumers don’t care about you, they care about benefits they’ll get from dealing with you.

So Hopkins used this psychology to grow Van Camp’s pork and bean business.

After some research he found that 94% of housewives were baking their own beans at home and only 6% were buying canned beans. At that time, Van Camp and everyone else advertising canned baked beans were screaming in their ads, “Buy my brand”.

What was the benefit?

So Hopkins ran some advertising explaining how it took 16 hours to bake beans at home and you could never really make the darned things digestible.

The ad went on to talk about the crispy beans on top and the mushy beans on the bottom. Then the ad explained the process Van Camp’s used to select their beans, the soft water that was used and how they made the skins less tough by removing the lime.

His story also told about the steam ovens where the beans were baked at 245 degrees in sealed containers so no flavor was lost. Then finally he offered a free sample for comparison.

This campaign was a huge success for VanCamp.

The other manufacturers could tell the same story but after the VanCamp ad, they would just be copycats!

With all the competition out there....
it’s almost impossible to be better than the others.

So your goal is to be different — not better!

Don’t duplicate!

Don’t dominate!


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