How To Market Your Business E-Course

Be "the expert."

Are you an expert ?

The Problem Isn't What.....

the problem is... WHO are you selling to?

Don’t look for a product. Look for an easily targeted market that has a need or problem that can be easily identified, and then fill that need or provide a solution and become the expert.

In order to do this, you have to find out the needs of the marketplace.

If people are asking for a specific solution to a problem, then there is a niche market that has yet to be filled.

What are some of the questions asked or complaints that people have? These questions or complaints are very good indicators that a need exists.

Once you find a niche, you can work everything else from there.

By using these tactics you’ll have a constant flow of prospects and customers to sell.

Find a niche and fill it!

Any marketing you do will help solidify you as the specialist and you will end up dominating that niche.

Some niches are very small and very limited. The only way to remain profitable in this case is to dominate several at once.

This is called “market segmentation,”and that’s where you segment your marketing to cater to a wide variety of small niches.

Are you in business already as a generalist? As fast as you can, you should narrow your focus to a smaller segment to attract more and far better qualified prospects.

So, how do you do this and what steps should you take to dominate a niche?

When you position yourself as the expert in a niche you will automatically dominate it through the power of leadership.

Your leadership is based on the power of perception.

If you only offer an ordinary service and your competition is doing the same thing , then there is no difference!

If you cater to a niche, you project an air of uniqueness and seem superior because you don’t appear as normal or run-of-the-mill.

Instead of copying your competition, you have totally removed yourself by being different.

Answer the following question truthfully.

If you were the owner of an imported car that needed new brakes would you just choose any general mechanic or would you choose one that not only specializes in brakes but also specializes in imported cars?

That’s why it works!

Expertise is in the eyes of the niche.

You become the leader not because you are superior but because you are different.

Specialization is in itself a marketing process that generates the perception of expertise.

It is extremely effective in placing you at the top of the heap and creates awareness among a specific target market.

As mentioned earlier, a tax accountant specializing in self-employed businesses and multi-level marketing business will acquire more clients in that area than a general accountant will.

An advertising salesperson specializing in Auto Retailers will sell more advertisements than a general advertising agent will.

A photographer specializing in weddings will get more bookings than a regular photographer will and so on.

As more businesses get started, and the more inundated with marketing messages our society becomes, the less time, energy and money people will have to spend in choosing the companies with which they will do business.

Specialization helps to solve that problem by projecting an aura of expertise.

Take the mechanic, mentioned earlier. You wouldn’t call a general mechanic an “expert mechanic,” unless he has the education or has many years of experience.

Even a brand new mechanic specializing in imported car brakes is an “expert mechanic.”

By finding and dominating a niche, you become the expert by default, not by design.

A generalist is just a marketer, but a specialist is an expert.

That’s the difference!

Do you know what you should know...
before you go after a niche market?

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