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Easy Video Player

was finally unleashed to thepublic on January 12th!

From the Desk of Rod Jellison Friday 9 a.m. Jan 15, 2010

Go there right NOW and maybe(?)you can still
pick up a copy. BUT DON'T WAIT!
I don't know how long Josh will keep this

It's exciting, because I personally KNOW that
this powerful software product can help so
many of you achieve your online goals!


After months and months of production, Josh has
finally come up with a product that is going to
revolutionize the way people market their
business on-

And quite frankly you *must* go there NOW..
unless you want to be left behind in
your market forever.

Check out the video below:
(Josh answers all your questions)

But there's no need to take my word for it, just
take a look at what guru to the gurus Mike
Filsaime had to say about this amazing technology..

"If you are marketing without Easy
Video Player then your not the best
marketer you can be. This is a product
I wanted to create but frankly, this is
just better. I use it every day. It's
easy, affordable, and makes me money.
It is one of my favorite products to
use. Get yours now and see for
-Mike Filsaime-

When something comes along this powerful, something
that makes even the top guru's stand up and take
notice, you simply HAVE to pay attention.

Many smart marketers have already got this powerful
software BUT there are only limited copies available!

Josh has done his best to answer all your questions
in the video he posted...

All the best,

Rod Jellison

Just take a look for yourself at exactly how Easy Video Player can take your business to the next level...

Instantly and automatically send your video viewers to any website, shopping cart or affiliate promotion after your video stops playing. No need to prompt your prospect to "click the link below" anymore. EVP makes it easier than ever for your customers to buy from you!
Explode sales and increase profits by embedding "buy now" buttons directly into your videos! Your call-to-action no longer requires your visitors to complete fifty steps.. Finally capitalize on psychology by enticing your visitor when they're most likely to make a purchase.
Quickly and easily capture e-mail addresses and generate leads, by adding opt-in forms inside your videos. Your viral video is now a self-contained squeeze page dedicated to turbo-charging your list building for lightning-fast profits!
Easily create and protect "member only" videos with a few clicks of the mouse. Imagine thousands of dollars in lost revenue you can now avoid completely by ensuring only paid customers can gain access to exclusive content...
Publish your videos on ANY website within seconds. With just a couple of easy steps (copy and paste) you can quickly get your videos online without ever having to worry about them not working properly. Saving you time AND


Use the quality servers at Amazon S3 to quickly and securely host your videos for pennies! It previously cost excessive monthly fees and was virtually impossible to use Amazon to embed videos because your viewers were left waiting. Not any more!

URGENT! Check it out NOW!

Easy Video Player

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