Danger! Danger! Overload!

Well here I go again talking about all the information that just comes pouring through my email as if it’s a water tap and I opened it wide up because I was afraid I wouldn’t get enough water if it wasn’t opened all the way.

What a joke!

I do find myself falling prey to all these tantalizing bits of information that seem genuine and that they really do have the secret answers to any and all problems I may be having with my online marketing.

Now in all fairness, all I have to do is unsubscribe and the tap gets shut off… but what if I miss something?! I know, I know – I deserve all the abuse and confusion that I leave myself open for – but then again – what if I miss something?

Do you find yourself in the same whirlpool, just going round and round and you just end up back where you started. In an earlier article I wrote about keeping your eye on your present goal and Focus-Focus-Focus. But being the frail human that I am, I just opened that door a little bit again and then one thing leads to another and here comes the deluge once again.

So as a reminder, as much to me as it is to you, narrow your Focus to the job at hand and unsubscribe from all these nice little goodies that are not taking you any closer to finishing your present job or that are not giving you the correct and workable information to take the next step on your present job, focus, enterprise or product.

I think what I’m going to do from here on is to have a weekly check on myself to make sure I haven’t opened the tap to that trickle of information that will soon become a flushing geyser. Yes, I think that’s exactly what I’ll do because I find that something may come along that will catch my eye and I’ll unknowingly open the tap.

So from here on every weekend I will check to see if I need to unsubscribe to any emails, newsletters, ezines, etc., that are not helping me complete my current project.

There, I said it and I’m glad.

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Rod Jellison is a semi-retired tax accountant that has more than 30 years of self-employment under his belt. He has shared his experience and insight through seminars, classrooms and one on one instruction. His love of being an entrepreneur is the motivation for his website