Computer and other Equipment Needs for your small business

Since you will probably need a computer to run your home based business or a store-front business, make sure you purchase one that will have the power to handle the software you’ll be needing for your business.

Generally speaking, most purchases of either a Laptop or a Desktop will include the basic software programs to run it, such as Windows XP™, Excel ™ and Windows Office ™.

If you need more specialized programs for your business, discuss that with your IT person at the time you are going to buy your computer and see if you can get it included in your purchase price, or at least get a preferred price on it.

Generally you can use the Excel ™ spreadsheet and make it more detailed as your business grows. This will also make things much easier when you review your business costs and want to do your taxes.

Settle upon a budget you can afford to spend for all your equipment before you buy anything. Keep a running total of how much you've spent so you know how much you have left to buy the balance of the needed equipment.

When looking at your business budget make sure you buy the right computer and the right equipment for your small or home based business.

For instance, you might decide on a Laptop instead of a Desktop because you have to travel for your business.

You will need items like:
A printer
Fax machine
Accessories - Paper, replacement cartridges for your printer, pens and pencils, etc.
Furniture – Chairs and desk.

If you can’t afford to buy new equipment for your small or home business, maybe you can purchase some used equipment. If you do, be sure to check out the equipment first to make sure it’s working properly and look for a warranty.

Use your computer and learn how to write an article.

You really can learn to run your own business now - online or offline.

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