Business Marketing for
Maximum Effect or
How To Become
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Business Marketing and How should I do it?

Business Marketing... why is it important to you?

Every business has a specific business marketing strategy that usually works best and has already been proven by your most successful competitors.
You can benefit from their experience by reviewing their successful marketing plans, including selling methods, pricing and advertising.
Simply make a list of the most successful businesses that fall within your field of interest and study them.

Check out these businesses and ask questions that are most important to you. Learn as much as you can about the needs of your customers and how to gain feedback from them.

For instance; Let's say you have a restaurant. What you need to find out is that an unhappy customer most of the time, won’t complain because people generally don’t like to feel uncomfortable or awkward.

S/He would probably just never come again.

What about convenience, pricing, quality and/or service?

You will find it hard to make a sound business marketing or promotional decision if you're not finding out about your customers real wants and needs.

You can obtain demographic reports based on the census that will furnish information on population by race, income and home ownership. You can find this information by searching for "demographic data".

So what is Business Marketing?

Business Marketing is everything that is related to your product or service, such as, sales, pricing, advertising, image, packaging, distribution, and customer service.

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The 4 P’s of Business Marketing:


The 4 C’s of Marketing:


Marketing Analysis:

This consists of 4 areas that need to be covered.

· Target Market

· Market size and trends

· Competition

· Estimated sales and market share.

Who is your target market?

You need to do some work here to determine your target market’s age, income, gender, demographics, education, occupation, marital status, and lifestyle.

What's the product or service you're selling and

what’s the “sizzle” of your product that will attract your

target market?

What is your best way to communicate with your target market and

how much will it cost?

Market size and trends:

How is your product or service going to be sold?

How far away can it be distributed?

Who is going to buy it?

Some of your answers will come from analyzing your target
market’s identification as above.


What is your most competitive advantage?

Who are your top two competitors?

How is your competition doing?

Identify their strengths and weaknesses.

How do competitors approach the market?

What type of customer does each competitor attract?

What products and services do they offer?

What is their pricing relative to yours?

How do they rank in terms of total sales?

Estimated sales and market share:

It can be difficult to come up with what could be considered realistic numbers.

Be realistic and fairly conservative in your projections after you have considered how well your competition is doing in the area and how long they have been in business.

Consider your methods of selling, advertising and promotional strategy along with your pricing.
If you still get a good financial result after considering all of these factors, then you have a decision to make.

Business marketing is getting your name and/or ideas in front of as many interested people as you can and one of the most expensive items in marketing your business is –


Is there a way I can do effective marketing without expensive advertising?


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After business marketing let's look at writing articles

You really can learn to run your own business now - online or offline.

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