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Xbox360 Repair Guide

You really NEED to learn the truth about the

Xbox 360 Repair Guide - its flaws, its failings,

and can you really save yourself time and

money by repairing your own Xbox360?!

The shocking truth

finally revealed

- AND -

it's not what you think!!

My grandson was complaining to me about the problems he was

constantly having with his Xbox.

Then one day it happened!

He got the "RED Ring of Death".

The flashing three lights error that says "too bad sucker."

Time to send your Xbox back to Microsoft, pay the $140 they want to repair the problem and maybe wait 3 or 4 weeks before you get your Xbox back.

After countless hours on the phone with Microsoft and getting the runaround about what we needed to do to get this problem fixed - I said to my grandson "There has got to be a simpler solution than going through all this crap to return your Xbox, package it up, pay the postage for shipping, pay Microsoft to repair the problem and wait for who knows how long!"

So he said "What do you think we should do grandpa?"

I told him I was going to do some quick research and see if there was a simpler and less costly solution.

Well - Guess What?!

There is!

Here's what I found out.

I can fix the problem permanently for under $30, do it myself

and finish the repairs in less than 30 minutes.

Why would I not take advantage of this simple solution?!

Problem solved very easily, for less money and in 1/2 hour.

Has your Xbox 360 let you down and and you don’t

know what to do?

Then I would definitely recommend this solution for you

and it only takes 30 minutes to do it.

You can fix your Xbox flashing three lights error

("Red Ring of Death") and start playing your favorite games

again today!

Now That's A Solution you can live with!

Xbox360 Repair Guide

Xbox Repair Book

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