Hi, Rod here and this is next in the series of top ten traffic tips to help you build your business.

The late Gary Halbert - may he rest in peace - used to tell a story about opening a hamburger stand.

At his seminars he would ask the crowd this question:

"If you and I were both going to open a hamburger stand and you could pick any one thing to give you an advantage over me, what would you pick?"

The people from the crowd would shout back:

"A great location"

"The best-tasting hamburger"

"A clean, attractive stand"

"Excellent employees"

After a while of this Gary would pause and say:

"Go right ahead and take all those, but I can promise my stand will outsell yours."

"Because, the one advantage I'm going to pick is...



That's the key to making a profit on the 'Net consistently attracting a starving crowd to your website.

So let me ask you a strange question...

What do you think is the #9 Top-Traffic Generation Tactic in Internet history?

Hint: many professional marketers consider this one to be the #1 tactic of all time -- and many of the biggest names on the web use this as their sole source of traffic behind their empires.

Yes , this one tactic can be an extremely potent source of no-cost traffic, but the truth is...

Shockingingly, Trafficology has ranked it as only the #9 tactic of the last 10 years.

I wonder if you agree or disagree with that?

I'd hear them out before you rush to answer.

Take a look at this new video explaining what the #9 way to get a starving crowd to visit your website is, and a way to get the list of the full top 10.

Here's the new video:


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