Do You Market Globally? Why Not?

The 10 most populated countries in the world are 60% of the total population.

1,154,358,778 people use the Internet worldwide.

Over 1.1 Billion people!

If your message only got to 1% of them you would still reach more than 115 million people.
I think this just might be a market that you should consider.

If we break this down by geographic area for Internet users the results are: Asia – 36% Europe – 28% North America – 20% Latin America – 9%

More than 211 million Americans used the Internet last year and that number is still climbing, but that only represents 19% of worldwide users of the Internet.
22 million Canadians (67.8% of population) used the Internet for communication, shopping and information. Approximately 50% of all Canadian businesses have an Internet presence and are marketing their products and services on the Internet.

They’re using the tools like a user-friendly website - search engine optimization and banner advertising.
Some astute business owners have also learned how to do email marketing.

This form of marketing (via the internet) can be a tremendous time and cost saver for you and it certainly is a good supplement to your regular marketing.

Canada has one of the highest rates of Internet usage in the world per capita and the U.S. is right there as well.

Around 90% of North Americans use e-mail at least weekly.

Let me describe what this can do for a home-based business like yours and mine.

I live in South- Western British Columbia in the metropolitan area of Vancouver.

From my home I can expose my business to a global marketplace sitting in my pajamas. (Not a pretty picture.)
The really neat and efficient thing about marketing this way is that you can measure very quickly the kind of results you’re getting.

Because of this immediate access, you have the ability to change your ad – your offer –and how you are presenting your product, service or business.

This without a doubt is the most cost-effective and easiest form of marketing anywhere.

The Internet has tremendous influence on the way a business can market and Internet sales are growing in leaps and bounds.

With more and more small businesses going online every year you will probably see Internet sales surpassing the $155 billion USD mark worldwide.

So what is this thing called “Internet Marketing”?

Internet marketing is the method and strategies that you can use to promote your products or services over the Internet.

You can and will use strategies like web site design and good content on your website theme - search engine optimization –submit articles to directories - reciprocal linking to other high ranking, similar but non-competitive websites and online advertising techniques devised by excellent copywriters you've hired to produce‘killer’ headlines for you.

You’ll probably also use email marketing and auto-responders to handle ongoing promotions, list subscribers, etc.

Internet marketing is another area of marketing that has a cost-effective method of communicating your “unique value proposition.”

Your “UVP” is the unique benefits of your product or service that creates value for your customers.

So what are the benefits if I use “Internet Marketing”?

The cost and time saving by marketing your product/service this way is extraordinary.
# 1. By using the Internet, a small business can level the playing field because a small budget-business would have a hard time competing against the monstrous advertising budget of a large corporation.
A small business would also have a hard time to compete on the world stage because of the same limited budget constraints.
By using the Internet as your advertising medium, this all just melts away by.

I don’t know of any other advertising medium where you can operate a business out of your living room and appear as though you have and are a much larger operation with many employees.

# 2. By doing your marketing online you have the chance to communicate directly with your target market by utilizing online surveys and forms – blogs – forums - an interactive website - email and newsletters.

This medium is so interactive you can get immediate feedback from your client base with very little cost.

# 3. If you were using the ho-hum normal method of having your marketing materials printed and distributed, the cost becomes quite onerous.
Your printed materials also have a short shelf life as they become dated - thrown away or just not even read in the first place.

On the other hand if you use Internet marketing techniques such as a website, a banner ad and email newsletter, you can produce them all at a very reasonable cost.
By utilizing the Internet methods you can have more timely information than print brochures can hold – and you can update your information immediately and cost-effectively as your business or your message changes.
Just remember if you’re going to have success on the Internet you must have a good plan that considers and includes all of the following:

A) You must have a solid business model with great products or services.

B) You must have an effective website and sales as your end objective.

C) You must have a good marketing strategy that suits your target market and meets your budget.

Keep in mind, to find success online is the same as finding it offline – but the most effective strategy is to have the two methods work together.

Is a small or home-based business right for you? Straightforward talk, suggestions and advice on why you should be self-employed (or not) and is it for you?