Hi, Rod here and as promised earlier here's some more information to help you build your business.

I just got word that Dr. Joe Vitale passed 100,000 sales online.

And he's celebrating in a big way!

First, he treated himself to a $375,000 Rolls Royce Phantom.

But then he went and did something even more outrageous...

For the first time ever, he is giving away his own Internet success formula in this F.REE "Hypnotic Marketing Crash Course":


What do you think you could learn from a man who has generated over 100,000 sales for himself on the Internet?

Go get your crash course in his 4-Step Internet Success Formula, and see how it not only works for him, but has generated millions of online sales for his students as well.

You'll learn how to create massive traffic and sales online using the same 4-step integrated marketing strategy he used to create 100,000 sales online.

Take it here: IT'S F.REE !!


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PS -- In the crash course, you'll learn:

- What is the simple little trick Dr. Vitale used to get 20,000 new visitors to his site from one blog post in a single day?

- What are the Top 5 "Web 2.0" sites to use in your marketing right now? (and how even a newbie can get get started using Twitter & Bookmarking)

- What are the 4 components of the integrate Internet business?

- Dr. Vitale walks you through a hugely successful website with an unheard-of 13.9% conversion-rate (for over 10,000 visitors!), breaking down what makes it work, and explaining why.

- Should you use a headline that can't be answered? (you may be surprised!)

and much more in 98-minutes of brand new training from Dr.Vitale that you can take to the bank right now in his new "Hypnotic Marketing Crash Course"


PPS; Forward this email immediately to your friends and business associates/partners who would like to make an income with Internet Marketing. Excellent course for F.REE - DON'T MISS OUT!!