Hi, Rod here and as promised here's some more information to help you build your business.

Is this a first in Internet Marketing? (HYPE-FREE LAUNCH)

Hi ,

Something really "weird" is happening today.

I think this must be a FIRST in Internet Marketing

A product launch with no hype?

That's right, all we have to go on are just the facts:


- The proven 10-Step Nitro Blueprint System Course has turned hundreds of people into Internet Entrepreneurs.

- The new 2009 Edition is going on sale today at 1pm Eastern time: Click Here - Only 500 are available because of the personal one-on-one help we are giving you.

- It has 7 All-New "S.S.S.B" Enhancements that overcome all 7 of the common online Success Killers.

- Personal technical help from our team - we will set up your website for you.

- A bonus with a very real value of $2,000 is included that compresses 6 months of time and effort into 3 days at the Nitro Blueprint Live Workshop

- 9,814 people have specifically opted in to "get in on this Blueprint thing"

- 143,711 of our subscribers will be notified about this launch today.

- Our top 27 power affiliates will be released to promote this launch today.

- The last time the original Nitro Blueprint was launched, sales surpassed 1,500 courses sold.

- Just this month alone, 71 NEW success stories were received and will be used in the marketing.

This is worth getting a closer look at - there are many, many success stories and more details about this proven system at:

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But - and this is not meant to try to pressure you, but rather to help you if you decide you want this.

>From all that I have seen so far, and based on my experience with promotions in the past, the very real truth is that this is probably going to sell out very fast.

As in the first day or so.

I could be wrong but my experience tells me based on the facts above this will probably sell out right away.

So if you want in, go take a closer look and make the right decision for you:

Click Here

We'd love to have you as part of this awesome group who will change their lives in the next few weeks and months.

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PS: I can't say if this is for you or not - only you can make this decision for yourself. All I can say is that completely hype-free, you probably only have about a day to make that decision before the 500 spots are sold out:

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